Oh Blush 2017 Autumn collection

Oh Blush has just released its new collection for Automn 2017. Now, Oh Blush dipping polish has 6 new colored powders, ideal for the fall. The Oh Blush powder is what gives color to your dipping powder manicure. There's a color for every mood!

  • Cherry Blossom 016 powder, a dark red, a must in manicure
  • Nude Secret 017 powder, an iridescent beige nude
  • Amethyst 018 powder, a glittered purple mauve powder like the color of amethyst
  • Love Punch 019 powder, a beautiful pink powder
  • First Snow 020 powder, a white powder for French manicures or simply for the beauty of white manicures
  • Wild Berry 021 powder, a red plum like the color of maple leaves in late fall

Dip powder autumn 2017 collection oh blush

The 6 new dip powderd Oh Blush Fall 2017

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