Glossy Camo Nail Art Tutorial

Oh Blush offers a wide range of colors, tones and finishes for your most beautiful nail art. Here is an exclusive video tutorial to teach you how to draw a camouflage pattern. The finish is shiny and trendy, a perfect look for fall! Find tutorials and tips on our YouTube channel.

Camouflage pattern nail art

See our Dip Powders Oh Blush.


  • Base & Top Oh Blush
  • Oh Blush Dip Powder - Mountain Hike (OHBP261)
  • Vernis français permanent VFP café, taupe, kaki, charcoal et noir
  • Fini-Plus
  • Oh Blush Sealer

Les étapes du nail art camo glossy

  1. Apply Oh Blush green powder, without the finish (See how to apply Oh Blush dip powders)
  2. Use a buffer block and remove the dust excess
  3. Use a nail art brush, draw spots with the different VFP polish colors
  4. Apply a coat of Fini-Plus and bake for 30 seconds under an LED lamp


Here are the different products used! Click the image to buy!

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